Privacy Statement

Consistently with state and federal laws and regulations governing the confidentiality of unemployment compensation information, the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) seeks to protect the data privacy of persons using UI Online. The DUA website uses “cookies.” That is, we store a small text file on your computer. The only information in the cookie is a system-generated identification number that we use only to maintain continuity during your use of UI Online and for the security of the webpages you access. Also, when you access the DUA website, we collect the IP address of the computer you are using. We use the IP address to make sure that, if you are applying or certifying for benefits, you are doing so from the United States or Canada, and for system maintenance. We do not disclose your IP address to third-parties, unless we determine that we need to do so for purposes of DUA program integrity. We treat your use of UI Online as your consent to our collection of these data.

Our webpages are under continuous development. While we try to keep them current and error-free, this may not always be so.

This website may contain hypertext links to information or sites created or maintained by other public or private organizations. Please be aware that DUA does not control or guaranty the content, quality, or security of these other websites and services.

Be Careful When Using a Publicly-Accessible Computer

Care should be taken in using publicly-accessible computers to reduce the risk that someone using the computer after you may access your information:
  • Never check a “remember my password” or “keep me signed in” box.
  • Make sure you log out completely before leaving the computer. If you need to leave for a personal reason and intend to return, log out and then log back in when you return.
  • Clear the browser cache and history. If you need help, ask for it.
  • Don’t save any files on the computer. They will be available to the next user. If you need to download a file, make sure you know where it is being stored and delete it when you’re done.